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Hello!!! My name is Judy and I have been teaching citizenship for almost twenty judy pix for websiteyears and enjoy immensely the satisfaction of helping students like yourself attain citizenship. If you study the questions, learn the sentences and know everything on your application (the N-400) you will have a very good chance of passing the citizenship interview.

I am so happy you found this site…Congratulations and Welcome!!!

I want you to know that help is here.  I will help you learn what you need to know to pass your citizenship test. At the present time you will need to know the following to pass your citizenship interview:

1. You will be asked 6 (could be up to 10) questions from the list of 100 questions.

2. You will need to read one sentence and write one sentence.

3. You can be asked ANYTHING that is on your application.

Are you ready for your interview? Or are you just thinking about applying? Either way this site will be a reference for you.

We are currently using this book.

Citizenship book

citizenship word cloud

Class will be held at:

Arlington Heights Library
500 North Dunton Avenue
Arlington Heights, IL